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Near East Bank

We are one of the few local banks in the TRNC, a close friend of yours, as having 100,000 TL registered opening capital, 20,000,000 registered capital, and 16,670,319 paid-in capital. We are the Near East Bank, we are the ones who established a monument on top of the most impoverished hills of the island, we are the one dedicated to creativeness, trustworthiness, and to compassion. The Near East Bank is a foundation of the Near East University which was established by the son of a forester father, a son who incarnated wisdom and compassion. We aim to spend our profits in benefit of our very own country. We started to operate with 17 employees in 1996, and now operate with 101 employees who work at 7 branches. We are responsible towards our nation, and grow up gradually day by day. The NEU has 95,82% sharing our bank.


The mission of our bank is providing incentives to private sector in order to make use of the capitals gathered up in the financial sector of TRNC in the best possible ways, contributing to development of a sustainable financial sector and helping out to ensure balance and stability in economics, gradually improving our service range and quality to ensure customer satisfaction.


Subsisting along with TRNC, contributing to developments of our country, offering the best possible service by ensuring continuity in contemporaneousness.


Cardplus credit card
- It is a Mastercard cooperation equipped with a security pin chip, and can be used anywhere in the world.


- Direct debiting phone bills
- Direct debiting Turkcell and Vodafone mobile phone bills
- Accepting payments for electricity bills
- Accepting payments for municipal real estate tax bills
- Accepting payments for water bills

Board of Directors

President: Dr. Suat I.Gunsel
Members: Selcuk Burat
Güldem Kıvanç
Prof.Dr.Arif B.Kocaman
Kazım Olgu


General Manager : Kamil N. Özerk
Assistant General Manager: Ergul Akcan
Senior Manager : Hasan Z. Mullahasan
Senior Manager : Alp Ozerk


Head Office:

1,Kyrenia Street-Nicosia
Phone:+90 (392) 228 38 34 - 228 43 08
Fax:+90 (392) 228 41 80

Gonyeli Branch:

Bekir Sevki Naci Street-Gonyeli
Phone:+90 (392) 223 21 71 - 223 44 53
Fax:+90 (392) 223 41 05

Guzelyurt Branch:

24, Kutlu Adali Street-Guzelyurt
Phone:+90 (392) 714 31 94 - 714 31 95
Fax:+90 (392) 714 33 21

University Branch :

Near East University Campus Dikmen Road-Nicosia
Phone:+90 (392 )444 0 NEU (231)
Fax:+90 (392) 223 52 10
Place: Architecture Building Ground Floor

Kucuk Kaymakli Branch:

Şht.Huseyin Ruso Street 18 / C K.Kaymakli-Nicosia
Phone:+90 (392) 227 00 26 - 227 23 34
Fax:+90 (392) 227 51 57

Famagusta Branch:

Ismet Inonu Boulevard Mirillo Apt. No :1-Famagusta
Phone:+90 (392) 365 06 61 - 365 08 98
Fax:+90 (392) 365 06 61

Kyrenia Branch:

Ziya Rizki Street –Kyrenia
Phone:+90 (392) 815 94 21 - 815 94 22
Fax:+90 (392) 815 94 23

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