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Indoor Olympic Swimming Pool

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The Indoor Olympic Swimming Pool was opened in 19 May 1997, with a magnificent ceremony. The pool complex occupies an internal area of 2700 m2, it has a ceiling height of 16 metres, it is centrally heated and it has a spectator seating capacity of 1000 people. The pool’s dimensions are 50 x 21 metres and it requires 3100 cubic tons of water. There are diving towers with varying heights of 3-5-7 and 10 metres. It is equipped with modern internal hardware and has a decent Aqua Café. The Indoor Olympic Swimming Pool is the first and only indoor Olympic pool in TRNC. Since the opening of the Indoor Olympic Swimming Pool-Near East University, summer and winter swimming courses have been started to be given. These courses have continued up until now and so far 7154 people have attended. All attendants of the swimming courses have been trained to swim with scientific methods. Near East University swimming Team has been founded within the same year as the pool’s establishment. Besides winning many championships, the NEU swimming team has broken many records in all official competitions held in TRNC in 1998-1999. NEU swimming team member A. Cemal ULUSAN won the bronze medal at Winter Swimming Competitions held in Turkish Republic in 17-18 December 1999 and became our pride. Many of our swimmers won several awards in the following years at swimming championships held in Turkey. Our swimmers Buğra KORAHAN, Şeniz BORA, Turgut IŞIK, Kemal SIMALIOĞLU were invited to join the National Swimming Team of Turkey and have represented our country in third world countries, proudly.


Our fundamental objectives are; to influence people to love the sport of swimming and through the use of scientific methods teach swimming to everyone living in TRNC. Another objective is to train athletes who can successfully represent NEU and TRNC in competitions held both within the country and in overseas countries. One other objective is facilitating the treatment of illnesses via Kinesiotherapy. (This treatment only applies to the treatment of illnesses, which can be treated by Kinesiotherapy.)

Our vision is to give priority to the formation of the culture of swimming in TRNC. It is also to provide an environment for healthy living, and thus make the sport of swimming a lifestyle for people.

Olimpik Kapalı Yüzme Havuzu
Olimpik Kapalı Yüzme Havuzu

Aims and Objectives
1. To train skilful swimmers to represent NEU and TRNC both within the country and in overseas countries.
2. Successful swimmers have the opportunity to achieve scholarships; scholarships to study at NEU College and University. In addition, athletes who intend to have an education abroad (such as in America and England, etc) can also benefit from scholarships available for swimmers.
3. Attracting more and more students to prefer to study at Near East University with the fact that it is the only university which has an Indoor Olympic Swimming Pool.
4. Being a type of sport that appeals to all muscle groups, swimming can be used in the treatment of many joints and muscles, and thus, lead to success of kinesiotherapy programs.
5. To become a premise where students can enjoy their free time and therefore keep students away from bad habits, up to an extent.
6. Appointing professional trainers of Indoor Olympic Pool as National Team Coaches. Providing the course attendants of Indoor Olympic Swimming Pool-Near East University, with the opportunity to be performance swimmers.
7. Recruiting at least 20 people, as part-time, during the swimming courses held in summer months.



It’s Strengths:
1. There are 6 universities in the TRNC. The Near East University is the only university that comprises an Indoor Olympic Swimming Pool.
2. It is the only pool that provides service for 12 months a year.
3. It is positioned close to the capital of Nicosia, which is the highest populated city in TRNC.
4. It provides service to all swimming clubs connected to the TRNC Federation of Swimming and to all the students of; primary and secondary schools and universities.
5. The pool complex encloses a room for press, a VIP tribune and a spectator seating capacity of 1000 people.
6. It comprises diving towers with Olympic measures.
7. It has a decent cafeteria: the Aqua Café.
8. It provides to service to trainees, especially through the courses held in summer.
9. In the case of an emergency, there is a first aid room where the first intervention can be applied. It has the opportunity to promptly benefit from the Health and Wellness Centre, which is also located on campus.
10. It has the privilege of being the premise where all the competitions of the Federation of Swimming are held.
11. It is the only Olympic swimming pool which offers kinesiotherapy courses.
12. It comprises trainers who are specialists in their fields.
13. It has the capacity to hold courses for 100 people at the same time.
14. It offers swimming courses to Near East Junior School, Near East College and BESYO (Institute of Physical Training and Sport).

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