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The Near East College was founded within the organization of Near East University, which is the monumental educational foundation in Dikmen, in 1993. It is the first private college of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and is a foundation which offers full-day educational program.

The Foundation Phases
The college, started education with two classes, now has 55 classrooms and many laboratories on various subjects, and going through a fast development it now offers training to 1100 students.
The teaching staff is formed by 170 dedicated, enthusiastic, well-trained and highly qualified teachers who are aware of the competitive nature of a private school.

Yakın Doğu Koleji


Aims and Objectives
The Near East College perform educational facilities under the law of the Act of National Education Law of TRNC. Its major aim is happiness and satisfaction of its students. We believe that cooperation amongst administration, student, parents, and teachers is necessary to ensure the major aim of the institution.

Our school implements the programs that are required for the state colleges by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The program approved by the Ministry is given before noon, and other training courses and facilities such as sport activities are given in the afternoon. All additional activities and courses for TOEFL, SAT-1, SAT-2, OSS, YOS, GCE and IGCSE are offered in the afternoons and on Saturday.

The Near East College, as an foundation offering full-day training, gives importance to social activities along with the academic studies, and aims to train the youth of modern era who have gained the sense of responsibility, who can make their decisions with common sense, having caring and tender personalities, and who can manage to maintain their lives on their own.

The current teaching staff with the help of most advanced laboratories and computer equipment, aim to train individuals who are self-confident, rational, enthusiast researchers, and who regard the sense of responsibility above everything, and assimilate the principles and revolutions of Ataturk.

The Near East College also aims to ensure quality of education on solid grounds as well as teaching English in the most effective ways possible.
Regarding the high school students, the college aims to prepare its students for the Near East University, Turkish universities in Turkey and for the universities of other overseas countries in accordance with their skills and achievements.

The major principle of the Near East College is recruiting the most qualified teaching staff possible and enrolling best students in order to be one step further from other schools and colleges in TRNC.

The sole purpose of the Near East College is to train individuals who are aware of the scientific and technological advances, open to innovations and developments, proficient in using at least two languages, eager to participate social and cultural activities, put faith in the dominance of law, freedom, peace, social justice, and regard scientific ideas and studies, and who are explorers, researchers, successful in establishing social relations, know how to reach to source of information, assimilate Ataturk’s disciplines and principles which defend peace, innovation and modernity, and are secular, and individuals who are healthy and fit physically and psychologically, and have sense of aesthetics, in terms of psychology and virtuous.

Strong Sides of College: Students of the Near East College have obtained significant awards and performed successfully in social, academic, sports, and cultural competitions organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture and various institutions and foundations. The achievement level and success rate of our students in IGCSE, GCE O’level, TOEFL, SAT-II, IELTS, OSS AND YOS exams is increasing gradually every year. The highest result that was ever obtained in our country in SAT I exam was 1400 and was achieved by one of our students. Apart from this, many successful results were obtained in SAT-II exam by our students. Also, many of our students have succeeded to obtain ‘A’ Level in the AS Level Mechanics and Mathematics, and GCE O’level exams. Moreover, many of our students have been awarded with scholarships that are given by CASP and went to the USA to carry our academic studies and continue their education in various universities. Last but not least, many of our students have been awarded with Fullbright scholarships to have training in summer camps in the USA.

Our students obtained many successful results in DELF (Diploma of Language Education in French) which is administered every year. In academic year 2006-2007, the students of the Near East College have obtained the first degree in the competition of ‘Dubbing in French’ which were organized by the cooperation of Ministry of Education and Turkish-French Culture Foundation, and winning students and their teachers were awarded with a journey to France.

The Near East College was recognized as the exam center of EDEXCEL which is recognized internationally in 2007 and thereby our students were provided with the opportunity to take GCE-IGCSE exams.

The Near East College is at the stage of reaching to highest standards with its solid infrastructure, rich background, sports fields and centers, multipurpose auditorium, Olympic indoor swimming pool, dancing hall, crafting and painting workshops, Library with internet facilities, laboratories for physics, chemistry, and biological studies, and computer laboratories.

Celebration letters sent by the Rector of NEU to honour our students’ superiority and achievements in the overseas countries encourage us increase our enthusiasm in making further advances, and these achievements make our college as the most appreciated one by our society.

Each student studying at the Near East College has the opportunity to join social-cultural-sports activities depending on their personal interests, and get benefit from the institutions of the university.

In addition to this, our students having their lunch with their teachers and friends socialize and improve their personalities.

Problems of students are resolved and sorted out through the help of Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center.

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