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Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering:It was founded in 1990. It offers contemporary education and training opportunities with a strong background in basic sciences, mathematics and engineering and provides the students with ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering to design and conduct experiments with laboratory equipment. The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering produces qualified engineers who are able to use the techniques, skills and modern engineering tools needed to be successful in their professional careers.

Department of Computer Engineering: It was founded in 1992. Since its establishment, within its fundamental objectives, the department ensures educational opportunities to expand the engineering knowledge base through original research to educate students for careers of leadership and innovation. It is the core of the department to provide contemporary education to graduate competent engineers equipped with teamwork and leadership skills that they can use to design, implement, maintain and accomplish a wide spectrum of computer hardware, software and information systems. Thus, the department provides contribution to cognitive development and researches.

Department of Civil Engineering: It was founded in 1992. It is distinguished as being one of the earliest established engineering departments with the highest student population. It offers educational and training opportunities for all sub-areas of civil engineering with a broad academic staff and experienced lecturers. The basic mission of the Department of Civil Engineering is to educate the students to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of science and engineering so that they can identify Civil Engineering problems and develop solutions through analytical techniques. It is the fundamental objective of the department to graduate socially and ethically conscious engineers that are equipped with the necessary analytical, fast, accurate and effective decision-making skills necessary for identifying and assessing design alternatives and the related social, economic, environmental, and public safety impacts.

Department of Mechanical Engineering: It was founded in 1996. It comprises a wide spectrum application area covering materials, manufacturing, and automotive. With its highly trained and experienced staff and infrastructure that equipped to meet every need of mechanical engineering, the department has a proven reputation. The department attaches importance on team work, and professional ethics. It is the fundamental objective to graduate students who are competent, innovative, and well equipped with current knowledge, and have scientific approach and various application skills to examine critically, evaluate and find solutions. Therefore, the Department of Mechanical Engineering with its respectable place in the society is a department of choice.

Department of Biomedical Engineering: It was founded in 2008. It provides education and training in English and Turkish languages. In order to pursue excellence in biomedical engineering education, research, and innovation, the department provides the student with a reach content including a variety of programs and courses. Cutting edge research and production of new knowledge is one of the basic objectives of the department. Therefore, we provide educational opportunities at world standards to graduate biomedical engineers who are able to think critically and independently, and who are highly equipped with research, teamwork and problem-solving skills. To achieve our educational objectives, we offer a wide spectrum programs and courses to develop and improve the students’ skills, nurture their creativity, promote their ability and help them to understand scientific and engineering approaches. Besides, the latest emerged techniques and skills concerning the biomedical engineering are included in our programs.

Department of Information Systems Engineering: The Department which was founded in 2009 is a branch of a newly emerging discipline which provides basic education on a variety of disciplines and promotes to ensure practical and theoretical knowledge. By integrating with closely related engineering branches, it aims at developing software. The aim of the Department is to provide a strong background in the theories and practices of Information Systems Engineering, and to graduate engineers with up-to-date knowledge and information regarding science and engineering. Department of Information Systems Engineering is a department of choice with its fully equipped infrastructure and accomplishments achieved so far.

Department of Food Engineering: The department which was founded in 2009 is a pioneer in the implementation of multidisciplinary program which describes engineering methods for food production, distribution, packaging, marketing, purchasing and quality control. With its highly trained and competent academic staff, it aims to provide the students with up-to-date knowledge and skills and graduate engineers equipped with a strong background of food engineering, and who are innovative and capable to respond the needs and expectations of industry and society.

Department of Automotive Engineering: The department which was established in 2010 carries out its studies under the supervision of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The Near East Classic Car Museum is the spiritual and material building block of the Department of Automotive Engineering. The museum, which exhibits the century-long adventure of the automobile with its major stages, is a work of art that created through cutting-edge engineering and technology. It has many common topics with the Mechanical Engineering. Basic engineering courses are provided during the first year. The courses provided during the second and third year dramatically goes in the line with mechanical engineering and includes basic subjects concerning automotive engineering, as well. In the final year, students are provided with courses that encompasses only basic information on automotive engineering. The program blends intense technical study and creation of strong engineering science-based skills with an emphasis on leadership and other business acumen needed to thrive in a global economy.

Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering: The department which was established in 2013 offers basic courses associated with the programs of civil and mechanical engineering in the first two years. Both theoretical and practical courses that required to be specialized on their main branch are provided within the last two years. The graduates have a wide range of job opportunities.

Department of Bioengineering: The department which was founded in 2013 offers research and teaching programs comprising material development, mass and heat transfer, kinetics, biomechanics, separation and purification techniques, signal detection and processing techniques, process control and modeling techniques, bioreactor design, surface science, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, polymer chemistry, protein chemistry, and many basic and applied branches of basic engineering, and aims at graduating engineers who are able bridge their knowledge and research accumulation with basic and applied sciences such as molecular biology, metabolism, bioelectrical, neurobiology, immunology and pharmacology and produce natural solutions to meet varied dimensional requirements of today's society and sectors.

Department of Software Engineering: It was founded in 2013. The Department of Software Engineering adopts a cross-disciplinary approach for the Software Engineering and offers quality programs to provide students with adequate knowledge and skills to generate effective solutions by using engineering approaches in the software and promote new direction to the field of software engineering with academic research. The graduates can be employed in public offices, municipalities, private companies, educational institutions, or can be self employed. Students who graduate from the Department of Software Engineering can be employed in various departments of almost every organization and institution as system analyst, system engineer, design engineer, web design and program specialist, IT specialist, system programmer, test and quality assurance engineer, and application engineer in data processing centers and in implementing computer-aided industrial design.

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