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From the Island to the Ocean

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NEU Faculty of Maritime Studies is continuing to facilitate education under the body of University of Kyrenia

It is possible that the graduates of the Faculty of Maritime Studies of Near East University are employed at internationally famous maritime-lines and conduct important tasks as Captain, the Chief Officer (unlimited) and the Second Mate (unlimited) or employed as maritime pilots at some ports.

The Faculty of Maritime adopts school uniform policies to promote the unity and to improve discipline. The Faculty has been in service since September, 1996. Marine Engineering, Department of Deck, Maritime Management and Administration; the three departments of the faculty, have been offering educational opportunities to the students for 16 years.

Besides their 4-year undergraduate education the students have to get internship programs. The internship period is 12 months for the students of the Department of Deck, and 6 months for the students of the Department of Marine Engineering. The students have similar reasons for receiving education at the Faculty of Maritime. Students choose their future professions by taking the people in the surroundings as an example. However, they choose to study at the Near East University by taking into account the favorable opportunities offered by the university.

Compared with the students at the other faculties, the students at the Faculty of Maritime have to wear the same-design uniforms. Wearing uniforms encourages students to behave friendly, helps to develop good social skills and a sense of belonging and helps to improve discipline. The students express that their lecturers contribute them a lot to overcome the adaptation difficulties that they face during the first weeks.

Leaving the school desks and sailing to seas; these first days are full of unforgettable memories for students. Some students can't forget how worried they are when they learn that the ship has run out of fuel. Some of them can't forget the excitement of the first moment of seeing a submarine surfacing.

The Faculty of Maritime Studies of Near East University founded in 1996 and since then it offers maritime education and training with teaching staff specialized in marine-oriented programs at the undergraduate levels. The faculty brings technological opportunities into the benefit of the students. Hilmi Sahli, the Vice Dean and Unlimited Shipmaster, gave information about the faculty and students graduated from the faculty. Hilmi Sahli noted that students took the close fellows or relatives as an example in the choice of profession. He pointed out the difference of maritime education and career and said: "Students prepare themselves for this discipline while coming here, for this reason, they can be adapted easily without experiencing problems except some trivial ones, and this is important in the terms of carrying out the profession fondly.”

By reminding that the faculty produced graduates first in 2000, Hilmi Sahli points out that the graduates of the faculty, especially the graduates from the departments of Deck and Marine Engineering, don't have any employment problems. He also emphasizes that the Faculty prepares students for research in maritime transport, maritime education and training to foster professional competence. By explaining that they offer education opportunities at international standards, the Vice Dean Sahli draws attention to the internship and employment opportunities that they provide for students at the businesses respected in the sector.


"One of our graduates works as a marine pilot at Istanbul Port and many of our graduates represent us successfully in similar tasks at various maritime-lines throughout the world" said Sahli and added that their goal was to train students as seafarer. “Students at the departments of Marine Engineering, Department of Deck, and Maritime Management and Administration receive education to obtain a seafarer’s profession like shipmaster, Chief engineer, Maritime pilot etc.. Why don't we offer training programs on galley and stewardship? There is a great need for stewards and Chief cooks in the sector. "Seamen" is our new project. I hope we will create the necessary opportunities to implement this project.


Firat Akpinar: I came from Edirne. I had a close mate, I was inspired and I decided to receive education here, at this department. I was able to see my family for a very short time during summer vacation; I spent only a day on land. Thereat, I came together with my family and had a meal. However, I eventually got used to this challenge. I have chosen the Faculty of Maritime Studies of Near East University in particular, because all of the lecturers are shipmasters and what's more they are all specialized in marine oriented programs. Since our lecturers are all captains, I believe in that they teach us the profession in the best way. Under the supervision of the shipmaster, we are at the ship's wheel to adjust the angle of the ship's rudder in order to cause the vessel to change its course. While I was watching the route through binoculars, I suddenly noticed a mobility and surge on the surface and this was the most thrilling moment I have experienced; I eye-witnessed a navy submarine surfacing. This was a very different and pleasant experience. Even knowing that you can encounter anything at any time on seas is very exciting.


Ilyas Sahin: I came from Istanbul. Before making my decision about which university to go, I searched a lot about the matter and I came to the conclusion that the Faculty of Maritime Studies of Near East University gained great success in international arena. The faculty offers students a professional trainer based teaching in maritime studies, and this is a great advantage. The existence of a ship belonging to our faculty provides a particular opportunity for practical training. We can gain experience in a wide range; from hawser mooring to educational animation. I did my first internship in summer. Because it was the first, I experienced some difficulties. I have missed my family a lot. However, this is our profession, we have to get used to it. During my internship, I had become very excited when the ship ran out of fuel. We drifted by sea a whole day. In fact, this is very natural for all mariners. However, I had witnessed such an event for the first time. We visited some ports of countries like Bulgaria and Ukraine. One of the most beautiful aspects of this profession is that it enables you to learn about other cultures.

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