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TEAL Research and Training Ship

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NEU Faculty of Maritime Studies is continuing to facilitate education under the body of University of Kyrenia

The Near East TEAL was built in Liverpool, United Kingdom, in 1955. It served under the British Navy between 1955 and 1962 as a mine sweeper ship under the name HMS TEAL, and then was transferred to Australian Navy. It served for the Australian Navy until 1978 as a mine sweeper ship. Following that, M/Y TEAL have been refurbished and first turned into a trol ship, and by the mid of 1980s, turned into its present form by adding passenger cabins, a hall and diving equipment. M/Y TEAL, being used as a cruise ship for a while, first served at the Great Barrier Reef on the eastern coast of Australia, and later at the Caribbean Sea and tropical islands of Central America for toruistic purposes about water and underwater sports.

M/Y TEAL inspired its name from a mallard having a green head.

In 1994, M/Y TEAL was brought into our country pursuant to the establishment of Faculty of Maritime Studies as a result of mission and extraordinary vision of our Founding Rector, Dr. Suat I. Günsel. Following that, the Faculty of Maritime Studies started giving training in September 1996. M/Y TEAL Research and Training ship, that is one of the “sine qua non” of the Faculty of Maritime Studies, is already in use as a training and research ship, and thus, we are the only university in Cyprus owning a research and training ship.

M/Y TEAL Research and Training Ship is 46.6 meters in length, 8.5 meters in width, 546 gross tones.
Besides being designed to be used as a labarotary, M/Y TEAL is generally used for the training, parctice and research facilities of the Department of Deck, Department of Maritime Engineering, Department of Maritime Business and Management
The students of the Tourism and Hotel Management Department of the Near East University can find opportunties to conduct practical courses on board. In addition to this, the ship is fully equiped to facilitate all kinds of water sports. This is why TEAL is able to provide services for researchers from our university and for universities in cooperation with us in order to carry out all kinds of oceanographic, meteorological and hydrological research. Domestic and foreign researchers, specialized in their fields, can also benefit for underwater and archeology research. Besides hosting research on marine and environment pollution , continental shelf, bathymetric studies and on sources of fresh water flowing into the sea, M/Y TEAL has qualities that can keep up with the gradually developing technology.

M/Y TEAL Research and Training Ship has two- stroke type two Detroit-Diesel engines, which are 1350 BHP with transmission and nine auxiliary engines. There are also three generator units with a capacity varying between 60 KVA and 100 KVA.

M/Y TEAL, once used as a mine sweeper, has a wooden structure and owns a capacity of 50 beds.

A captain of whom is a graduate of our faculty and five permenant staff are on duty for 24 hours a day at the M/Y TEAL Research and Training Ship based in Kyrenia harbour.

Features of the Ship:
Name: M/Y TEAL Near East
Flag: TRNC
Port of Registry: Famagusta
Call Sign: 5B7040
Class: Training and Research Ship
Length (LBP):42.67m.
Width: 8.50m.
Draft: 3.52m.
Net weight: 182 tons
Gross Ton: 546
Machine Power: 2 Detroit Diesel engines with 1350Hp
Number of propellers: 2
Speed: 12 knots
Building Material: Duraluminium frame on the oak wood, fibergllas coating on wood hull.
Life Venus: a bar-restaurant, lounge, sundeck, 13 luxury passenger cabin, the total capacity of 50 beds, Owner's cabin, bridge and cabin map.
Sports Boats: 3 speedboats
Water Sports Equipment: 20 diving equipment, 9 wetsuits, 2 air-compressos, sea banana, waterski, windsurf, parachute and conoe.
Bridge Equipment: Echosounder(graff), 2 VHF-DSC, 2 radars, otopilot, MF-R/T, GPS Plotter, satellite navigator, ECDIS, digital echounder, folyo map.

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