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Faculty of Maritime Studies

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NEU Faculty of Maritime Studies is continuing to facilitate education under the body of University of Kyrenia

Dean’s Message

Dear Students,

Welcome to the Faculty of Maritime Studies, Near East University. Our faculty was established in accordance with the outstanding visions of Dr. Suat I. Günsel and since 1996, we have been bringing up qualified officers for the “Merchant Marine Fleet”. We are aware that you have joined us to reinforce our graduates who are executing important duties in the prominent establishments of the Turkish marine sector and are swaying flag in the oceans with pride and glory. I would like to congratulate you, as you have succeeded to join us and I would like to re-welcome you by saying “welcome” again.

Faculty of Maritime Studies of the Near East University is collaborating, within a framework of regulations, with the World Maritime Organization and Undersecretary of Maritime Affairs of Republic of Turkey. The Faculty is at internationally acknowledged standards since it provides education through the utilization of latest technologies in accordance with the international laws and regulations. As a result of being a dedicated Faculty, it provides its students with apprenticeship and employment opportunities by overcoming all sorts of obstacles which may be put forth in their way.

We are privileged for becoming the most equipped faculty of maritime studies within the area and have the most experienced and qualified academic staff. Our faculty is fully equipped with simulators, it has a quality certificate and most important of all, the Faculty grants its students with the opportunity to make use of a research and training ship.

Dear Students, you have joined us because you have the necessary qualifications to be the best in this field. The rest is up to us: We are aware and willing to do whatever is necessary to raise you, just as your biological parents, to condign your family, your nation and condign the Turkish Marine by becoming meritorious officers .We assure you that we are going to do everything in our power to train you to be the best, the perfect! Our doors are always open to you; to share and find solutions to any problems you may have.

All we expect from you is to be honest, hardworking students and a respectable marine staff, be respectful to your elderly, be affectionate to the young ones, and most important of all, execute your studentship by fulfilling the necessary responsibilities and requirements. By means of the information and skills you will acquire from our Faculty, you will have the opportunity to benefit from the marine business opportunities provided throughout the oceans, you will be the source of pride; in essence for your family, and in general, for us. Please remember that, your troubles are our troubles, your happiness is our happiness and your success is our honour and pride. Remember that “giving a start to something is considered as completing half of the job”. I would like to conclude by quoting a marine saying: “All hands on deck! May God bless us!"

Prof. Dr. Mustafa ALTUNÇ
Dean of Faculty of Maritime Studies



Qualified staff needs of the fast-growing merchantile maritime fleet of the world and search for benefiting more from maritime sources encourage universities to open departments about specializing on maritime studies. Faculty of Maritime Studies of the Near East University was established in 1996 to meet the needs of TRNC regarding maritime issues, and made a fast progress since then. The major aim of the Faculty is training deck officers, deck engineers and staff for maritime industries. The Near East Faculty of Maritime Studies trains Deck Watchkeeping Officers, Engine Officers, and Marine Merchantile Staff as required by merchant marine fleet. Four-year based studies are carried out on Deck , Marine Engineering, Maritime Management and Administration branches in Turkish language, and students are trained, their skills and knowledge in the relevant fields are developed in accordance with the international standards as required by the International Maritime Organization of the United Nations.

Establishing necessary infrastructure to ensure continuity of total quality management. Maintaining continuous cooperation with students and meeting their expectations in the shortest time possible. Making all teaching staff and educators adopt and perceive the quality of education  as a philosophical feature of life. Ensuring continuation of developments and engaging all relevant people into this process for their participation. For problems encountered, providing process-control solutions through deterministic, analytical, statistical, and econometrical methods. Increasing motivation to highest possible level. Ensuring continous Increase of quality of education so that graduates of the department can easily find employment in their fields. Establishing cooperation and collaboration between the university and the maritime sector in order to provide the department with extensive practice opportunities. Taking all necessary precautions to prevent failure of students and decreasing failure rate.

The vision of the Faculty of Maritime Studies is gaining a well-deserved prestigious place amongst the institutions training staff for maritime sectors, becoming a preferred institution by students, ensuring the highest possible quality in education,  and being acknowledged as a leading institution in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

I prefer Near East University

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