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Faculty of Dentistry

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Dean's Message

Faculty of Dentistry of the Near East University is the first and only dental school in Northern Cyprus. We are proud that our faculty is accredited by the Joint Commission International for its clinical excellence.

We carry out a dual-dental program with Ankara University. We are very excited as we are approaching to a very important milestone in our history: This year we will see the event of graduation of our very first students.

Using the latest and most advanced facilities in eight departments of our faculty, we offer best possible treatment to our patients at national and international level.

The first three years are based on pre-clinical education and in the fourth and fifth years, the students are trained in clinics where group studies are carried out.

The pre-clinical students are trained in simulation laboratories on robot models. The clinics are equipped with chairside computers programed with electronic patient record-keeping system.

Contemporary instrument tray sterilization and dispensing systems support the clinical environment.

The diagnosis center has modern imaging equipments.

We have well-equipped surgery rooms and sedation units for patients suffering from complicated dental problems and for those frightened of dental applications.

Fixed and removable prosthesis can be produced by our technicians in the well-equipped labs located within the faculty building.

A computer aided three-dimentional modelling laboratory is a routine facility in our faculty.
Another computer system; namely CAD/CAM, is about to be established in our school which will support dental practices.

Facilities that are carried out by our faculty are not available even in many of the advanced dental faculties. These are the results of the strategic planning of our Founder Rector Dr.Suat Günsel, whose ultimate aim is to catch up with the highest standards of education and bring in the best possible educational facilities.

We intend to improve the quality of life for our students and get our students to involved in social activities besides having an extensive training in the field.

Our curriculum is continuously updated in accordance with the European Credit Transfer System.

The major concerns of our faculty are offering an up-to-date dental training and promote excellence in patient care and support the community in educational and clinical needs in dental issues.
We strive to develop scientifically based, self confident, socially and ethically sensitive dentists with a strong commitment to Atatürk’s principles.

We hope that students will take full advantage of our excellent teaching facilities and will always be proud of being a member of the Near East University.

I congragulate and embrace all students on behalf of our faculty.

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. M. Mutahhar ULUSOY
Near East University Faculty of Dentistry

Dentistry is one of the most important fields of health sciences. The origin of dentistry goes back to old ages. dentistry renews itself continuously paralel to the developments in science and technology. Dentists deal with the teeth, jaws, perioral tissues in the oral cavity which is the main entrance to the gastrointestinal system. Therefore; dental education is very important and the responsibility of teaching in this field is markedly significant. Near East University Faculty of Dentistry started its first academic year on October 1/ 2007 supported by a protocol with Ankara University Faculty of dentistry. Undergraduate and postgraduate education and clinical services are performed by 5 professors,1 associate professor, 7 assistant professors, 4 specialists and 19 research assistants. By the increase in the number of our staff every year, academical achievements and our resources necessary to achieve our long term strategic goals enrich.


Through excellence in teaching; our mission is to educate nationally and internationally recognized future dentists and specialists who aspire leadership in dentistry. The Near East University Faculty of Dentistry strives to develop scientifically based, self confident, competitive, socially and ethically sensitive dental professionals with a strong commitment to Atatürk’s principles.

The Near East University Faculty of Dentistry is envisioned to be recognized as a Center of Excellence in Dental Education and eventually to be known in the international dental community for its world-class, globally competitive graduates. Thus, envisioning the faculty as a destination of choice for all aspiring undergraduate and graduate students; our goal is to to enhance technical skills of the future dentists in excellent patient care and to instill proper attitudes with a strong commitment to the ideals of the dental profession.
Best regards

I prefer Near East University

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