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Department of Music Education

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The aims of the Department of Music Education;

  • To give the students core knowledge and abilities that a music teacher should have,
  • To raise teachers who are able to improve themselves in the music and art disciplinary field and to solve the problems relating with the education and practice in that specific field,
  • To raise music teachers who will work in first and secondary schools,
  • To raise music teachers who will be able to plan and progress the existing information in the education and practice sectors in the music teaching field,
  • To carry out seminars, exhibitions and workshops relating with the music and different art disciplinarians subjects.
  • Features of the Department of the Music Education;

  • The reports will be prepared with the members of the music department and its students within the Community Service Practice course relating to the needs of music education of the public and private schools which are connected to the Ministry of the Education of the TRNC.
  • The projects and researches will be prepared relating to the field of music at the each level of the National Education System of the TRNC. 4th year students will participate for preparing and progressing the projects. Also these projects which will be made by the students will be aiming at to identify the current problems of the society, to emphasize the aspects of art and creativity sense and to solve the problems.
  • The Music Teaching program will engrain the importance of the art education for increasing the consciousness of the music and art within the society by following the processes and developments in the teacher raising field.
  • Also this program will make applied studies by following the technological and international developments.
  • This program is being carried out at the faculties of the Gazi University and Dokuz Eylul University which are connected to TC Higher Education Association.
  • The language of the Music Education is Turkish like the other programs in Ataturk Education Faculty
  • The proposed program will be in co-operation with the Department of Education Programs and Practice and School of Fine Arts and Design which are connected to the different faculties of the NEU.
  • The courses which are related to Professional Teaching Knowledge will be given by the faculty members of the Department of Educational Sciences.
  • The program’s importance is relating with the education from the secondary music teaching courses level. Also it is very significant for this program that the quality of the education members is at a high level.
  • The graduate students will have the title of Music Teacher.
  • The graduate students can have jobs in public and private schools in TRNC and Republic of Turkey. There is a high level of need at the public and private secondary schools in Republic of Turkey. Therefore, to have the job opportunity as a music teacher in TRNC and Republic of Turkey, the program’s education and practice is a good way of creating those chances.
  • In order to graduate, students need to take of 86 courses in total with 163 credits in 8 terms.
  • The School Experience and Teaching Process will be made at the public and private schools with the connection to the Ministery of National Education and Culture.
  • At the Department of Music Education, the program is being carried out as the faculties of the Gazi University and Dokuz Eylul University.
  • The new books will be followed accordance with the contents of the courses in the program.
  • There is not a second education program for the Music Teaching.
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