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The university shuttle service first commenced in 1991 with only 3 buses, 1 mini-bus, 4 drivers and 1 manager. In 2003, the transportation service was completely reorganised in order to provide an even more efficient service.


  • Meeting the transportation needs of students with approximately 100 buses on campus and various locations of the city including the city center.
  • Offering a regular shuttle service for NEU pre-school, primary and NEU College students.
  • Offering shuttle services for social events and academic activities which take place outside the campus,
  • Offering shuttle services for instructors coming from overseas. They are collected at the airport or seaport and brought to the campus.
  • Offering transportation for graduation ceremonies and parties.
  • Transfering newly registered students from the airport and seaport to the campus.
  • Offering transportation services for NEU Sports teams.
  • Offering transportation for journeys and sightseeing trips arranged by the faculties.
  • Offering transportation services for the Near East Tourism and Travel Agency and Near East Petrol Station.
  • Providing maintenance and repair services for vehicles used by the Near East institutions.
  • Providing transportation services for the Management of Canteen and Cafeterias and main cookery unit.
  • Providing other transportation services as required.
  • Ulaşım

    Service and Work Guidelines for the Transportation Office:

    NEU transportation activities are carried out in accordance with the Traffic Laws and Regulations of the TRNC.

    Safety of life and property is the basic principle.

    Precision of duties and services.

    Keeping transportation vehicles clean and in the best condition as if they are about to run in service at any moment.

    Using different vehicles appropriate for various transportation tasks.

    Integration of tasks that are convenient for the same kind of transportation is principally necessary.

    2007 - 2008 Academic Year Shuttle Services Schedule to Nicosia

    Campus Departure Time

    Campus Arrival Time

    06:55 07:30
    07:15 07:45
    07:30 08:00
    08:15 09:00
    09:15 10:00
    10:15 11:00
    11:15 12:00
    12:15 13:00
    13:15 14:00
    14:00 15:00
    15:00 16:00
    16:00 17:00
    17:15 18:00
    18:15 19:00
    19:15 20:00
    20:15 21:00
    21:00 22:00

    Nicosia Service Route

    1. Departure from Near East University Campus
    2. Opposite Fair Ground (on main road)
    3. Outside main entrance to Nicosia Industrial Estate
    4. In front of Okman LTD.
    5. In front of Yarim Bridal Shop
    6. Opposite Reis Supermarket
    7. In front of Old Cemetery
    8. In front of Türkiye İş Bank
    9. Kyrenia Gate (Outside the Mucahit Park)
    10. In front of Belça Supermarket
    11. In front of Youth and Sports Office
    12. Next to Iktisat Bank
    13. Outside Tepe Mobilya Furniture Shop
    14. Opposite Dr. Burhan Nalbantoglu State Hospital
    15. In front of Sismar Market
    16. Cagaloglu Petrol Station roundabout
    17. Next to Artesa
    18. Outside Fair Ground
    19. Entrance to Near East University Campus

    2007- 2008 Academic Year Bus Stops on Gonyeli Route

    Departure area : Main Stop outside 8th Dormitory

    Campus Departure Time


    Gonyeli Service Route

    1. Departure from Near East University Campus
    2. In front of Sismar Market
    3. Outside Koop Gas
    4. In front of Sofra Restaurant
    5. Vedat Petrol Station
    6. Outside Sarıtaş Buildings
    7. Return from Alaykoy 2nd roundabout
    8. In front of Güran Florist (Next to Onan LTD.)
    9. Entrance of Kent Hotel
    10. In front of Gonyeli Municipality
    11. In front of Kofali Hardware Shop
    12. Opposite Dorana Tourism
    13. Outside Artesa
    14. Entrance to Near East University Campus
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