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Elderly Care

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Assist. Prof. Dr. Özdem Nurluöz
Program Coordinator

Mission and Vision
The Care of the Elderly Program was established at the Vocational School of Health Studies to train students and produce assistive personnel who can serve in elder care. The mission is to promote excellence in care of the elderly through educating highly qualified elder care technicians.

Low birth rates and the average life expectancy have a significant impact on the population structure. The population structure in TRNC, Turkey and in the whole world is changing. The rate of aged population is increasing as a result of this change. Aged population ratio in Turkey is 6.8%.Population projections show that this rate will exceed 10% increasingly. In addition, the rate of urbanization is increasing and concomitantly the traditional family structure is undergoing change. The need for care of elderly people is increasing due to these changes in demographic structure. There are professional caregivers who offer different range of service in this sector. However, among these professional personnel, there are not adequate qualified and certified professional caregivers who can conduct one to one service in practice and handle the needs of the elderly with an integrated approach. As elder care requires a broad range of services to respond to a wide range of often unpredictable medical, emotional, physical and financial possibilities, there is an increasing need for certified competent professional caregivers. The elder-care technician is highly equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge to evaluate different aspects of the aged person and the environment as a whole and provide the appropriate care. Aged Care Services in Turkey and TRNC, which are to meet the challenges posed by the increasing population of aged people in terms of their care needs, preferences and affluence, are insufficient in number. The number of elder care professionals, who are competent and qualified in aged care and rehabilitation, is also quite insufficient in Turkey. There are no aged care professional technicians in TRNC at all. The aim of Elder Care Program is train our students as highly qualified health technicians who are competent to fulfill the special needs and requirements that are unique to aged people and provide them with rehabilitation and consequently contribute them to improve their life quality.

Besides the need of care, many aged people experience psychological or emotional distress associated with factors linked to old age, including isolation, loss of independence, loneliness and future anxiety. An elderly care technician is the competent professional who has received proper theoretical and practical education to provide the older people with care and rehabilitation through elder care techniques. Planning and implementing health promotion activities for older people, meeting the medical needs of older people, helping the older people to overcome the feeling of loneliness and the feeling of future anxiety, training them to be productive in their leisure time and enabling them to develop control over their own bodies and living spaces and thereby improve their health are among the tasks that an elder care technician conducts.

Job Opportunities
Students who complete the program successfully are awarded with a diploma and entitled as Health Technicians. Our graduates will be employed as health technicians in Turkey, TRNC and in the third countries.

Due to the unprecedented demographic changes in the world, the aged population is increasing. In the line with this increase, private or public sector residential aged care homes and services are increasing as well. Owing to these increases, the need for health technicians, who can work in these facilities and provide older people with continuous care, has become an ever increasing demand.

Graduates are required to achieve success in Public Personnel Selection Examination in order to be employed in Public Sector Residential Aged Care Homes and Services in Turkey. The graduates can be employed in private Residential Aged Care services and in other home care services as well.

In TRNC, Public Residential Aged Care Home, which provides accommodation, personal and nursing care for maintaining healthy life conditions, is under the responsibility of the Social Insurance Office. Graduates are required to be successful in Public Personnel Examination in order to be employed in Public Sector Residential Aged Care Homes and Services in TRNC. Graduates can be employed in Private Aged Care Homes and in other health facilities.

Our Graduates can be employed in the following health facilities.

  • Public/Private Aged Care Residential Homes
  • Aged People Rehabilitation Centers
  • Public/Private Hospitals
  • Health Facilities of the Social Insurance Institution
  • Municipal Residential Aged Care Services
  • Terminal Care Centers
  • Home Nursing Center
  • NGOs (nongovernmental organizations) and Personal Residential Aged Care Homes and Services, Rest Homes, Daytime Centers for older people
  • Personal and voluntary organizations carrying out various health facilities like Kızılay (Red Crescent)
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