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Academic Staff

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Prof. Dr. İbrahim ÇAPAK
E-mail: ibrahim.capak
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Mahfuz SÖYLEMEZ
History of Islâm
Assoc. Prof. Dr.Recep DURAN
E-mail: recep.duran
Assis. Prof. Dr. Yusuf SUİÇMEZ
E-mail: yusuf.suicmez
Law of İslâm
Uz. Zenal SÖZGÜN
English Teaching
E-mail: zenal.sozgun


Prof. Dr. İlyas ÇELEBİ
E-mail: ilyas.celebi
Prof. Dr. İsmail Safa ÜSTÜN
History of Islâm
E-mail: ismail.ustun
Prof. Dr. Ahmet YÜCEL
E-mail: ahmet.yucel
Prof. Dr. Ali AKYÜZ
E-mail: ali.akyüz
Prof. Dr. Ali KÖSE
Religious Psychology
E-mail: ali.kose
Prof. Dr. Bilal AYBAKAN
Law of İslâm
E-mail: bilal.aybakan
Prof. Dr. Mehmet ERDOĞAN
Law of İslâm
E-mail: mehmet.erdogan
Prof. Dr. Metin YURDAGUR
E-mail: metin.yurdagur
Prof. Dr. Muhsin DEMİRCİ
E-mail: muhsin.demirci
Prof. Dr. Ömer Faruk HARMAN
History of Religions
E-mail: omerfaruk.harman
Prof. Dr. Yakup ÇİÇEK
E-mail: yakup.cicek
Prof. Dr.Safi ARPAGUŞ
Islamic Philosophy
E-mail: safi.arpagus
Prof. Dr. Ali DURUSOY
Prof. Dr. Galip YAVUZ
Arabic Language and Rhetoric
Prof. Dr. Hüseyin ELMALI
Arabic Language and Rhetoric
Prof. Dr. Kemal YILDIZ
Law of İslâm
Prof. Dr. Murat SÜLÜN
Prof. Dr. Ahmet Hakkı TURABİ
Turkish Religious Music
Prof. Dr. Adil BEBEK
Prof. Dr. Hasan HACAK
Law of İslâm
Prof. Ali Efdal ÖZKUL
Atatürk’s Principles and History of Revolutions
E-mail: aliefdal.ozkul
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Necdet TOSUN
Islamic Philosophy
Assoc. Prof. Dr.Nuh ARSLANTAŞ
History of Islam
Assoc. Prof. Esra KARABACAK
Arabic, Turkish Language
Assoc.Prof. Ali AYTEN
Psychology of Religion
Assoc.Prof. Halil AYDINALP
Psychology of Religion
Assoc.Prof. Mehmet Emin MAŞALI
Quran Reading and Science of Qur'an Recitation
Assoc.Prof. Mehmet ÖZŞENEL
Assoc.Prof. Mehmet ÜMİT
History of Islamic Sects
E-mail: mehmet.umit
Assoc.Prof. Aynur URALER
Assoc.Prof. Aziz DOĞANAY
History of Islamic Art
Assist.Prof. Dr. Hasan CİRİT
E-mail: hasan.cirit
Assist.Prof. Dr.Nuri ÖZCAN
Turkish Religious Music
E-mail: nuri.ozcan
Asst.Prof. Halit ZEVALSİZ
Arabic Language and Rhetoric
Asst.Prof. İbrahim TÜFEKÇİ
Arabic Language and Rhetoric
Asst.Prof. Kamil YAŞAROĞLU
Quran Reading and Science of Qur'an Recitation
Asst.Prof. Muhammed ABAY
Asst.Prof. Osman AYDINLI
History of Islam
Asst.Prof. Ahmet KARATAŞ
Turkish Islamic Literature
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