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Facilities We Offer

In Cases of Emergency

For all emergency cases regarding health, security and fire, the emergency response team is available24/7. In emergency cases, please dial the internal number ‘256’.

Counselling Service:

The Dormitories Administration is always represented by a manager and Offices are open 24 hours a day at each dormitory building to keep effective communication on progress.


The NEU Campus is kept under control and supervision by security and traffic team 24 hours a day.

Cleaning Service:

General Cleaning of all dormitories is carried out by our cleaning workers in accordance with health and hygiene regulations.

Food & Beverage Facilities:

Canteens in dormitories offer services until midnight. Most of our dorms also have vending machines for snacks and soft drinks. Also there are many enterprises which cater for students like table d'hote and a'la-carte restaurants, cafeterias, fast food services and cafes.


There are kitchens in all our dorm buildings. These are furnished with dining tables, chairs, and equipped with kitchen sinks, cupboards and electric cookers.

Bedding and Linens:

Bed and draw sheets are provided for students in dorms. Other soft furnishings like bedsheet, bedlinen, pillow, pillowcase, quilt and blankets must be supplied by the students themselves.

Room Furnitures:

All our rooms are furnished with bed or bunk bed, study desk, bookcase, wardrobe, chair, refrigerator, TV and telephone.

Storage Rooms:

All dorms provide storage rooms.


Transportation to the Nicosia City Center is provided by our regularly scheduled shuttle buses. Transportation services are free-of-charge for our students.

Maintenance & Repair:

Our Maintenance and Repair team is on duty all day long for technical services including electrical, electronic, plumbing, general repairing and carpentry.

Health Services:

NEU Health Center offers emergency health care services for the students. The NEU hospital offers 24\7 health service for all emergency’s by physicians that are specialists within their fields

Psychological Counseling and Guidance Service:

Psychological Counseling, Guidance and Research Center at Faculty of Law offers support for students.

Study Rooms and Studios:

There are study rooms, drawing tables and studios especially for students of Faculty of Dentistry in all dorm buildings.

Usage of ElectricalL Devices:

For safety reasons, the use of high-voltage electrical appliances like heaters, radiators, cookers, microwave, ovens, air conditioners, halogen lamps, etc. are not permitted in our dormitory rooms.


All student rooms have UTP connections to NEU’s network, which provides 100 Mb free access to the Internet for academic purposes.


All our dormitories are heated by the central heating system.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services:

Dry cleaning Services are provided on the NEU campus within the guest house building

Shopping Facilities:

There are shops on campus, where our students can meet their needs at reasonable prices.

Car Parking:

Car parking facilities are offered near our dormitory buildings

Mail / Cargo Services:

There is a post office on campus where students can meet their mail and package needs. Besides, all incoming mail and packages are delivered to resident students.

Sports Activities:

There are sports centers, open to students 7 days a week. Indoor swimming pool, basketball, volleyball, tennis courts, astro turf for football and Health and Wellness Center are in service of students.

Telephone Services:

Students can be directly reached at their internal phones numbers within their rooms (Ex: 0392-680-2020). Public phones are placed in certain dormitory entrances, Ataturk Culture and Congress Center and Library.

Banks / ATM'S:

On campus, there are branches and ATMs of the Near East Bank, Ziraat Bank and İş Bank.

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