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Institute of Environmental Sciences and Herbarium

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Institute of Environmental Sciences

Today’s one of the hottest topics, the environmental issues and the issues related to the land, sea and the atmosphere that constitute the environment, directly affect the living conditions and lives of human beings. Concordantly, the concepts of “sustainable development and sustainable environment” are the agenda topics all over the world. Being aware of scientific, integrated and broad participated studies is essential to deal with the environmental problems to find out solutions and have a clean and sustainable environment consequently.

In order to contribute to the case as NEU, we primarily aim to establish an Institute of Environmental Sciences to meet the requirements and provide the society with a better environment and safer future. The Near East University will open up a new horizon and set a good example on encouraging other institutions on environmental issues in carrying out research and studies to make considerable contributions to the issue. Besides, the Near East University is an institution having sufficient qualifications and extensive knowledge to carry out such a program with scientists and qualified man power.

NEU Institute of Environmental Sciences was established in accordance with the decision numbered 2005/19 and dated to 4/5/2005 of the Senate of the Near East University.


General purposes of the NEU Institute of Environmental Sciences are as follows.

  • Apart from the economic issues and social politics, to develop and determine the priorities concerning environmental strategies for the guaranty of sustainable development in our country.
  • To provide guiding information and data for policy makers and executives on decisions concerning environmental issues
  • To conduct research on field of interest that contributes to the prosperity of society and to contribute to issues raising interest for the humanity and for the country.
  • To conduct research and produce knowledge in international standards and EU norms, and to contribute to the process of TRNC’s unison with EU,
  • To provide qualified man power equipped with profound knowledge and broad point of view that is needed to maintain a sustainable development and to contribute assuring the future of our nature and people,
  • To carry out scientific and applied research with an inductive and global approach in benefit of the humanity and of the country.
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    Assoc. Prof. Salih GÜCEL
    Director of Institute of Enviromental Sciences
    Phone: +90 (392) 444 0 NEU / 135

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