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Dr. Suat İ. GÜNSEL

Dr. Suat İ. GÜNSEL

Dr. Suat İ. Günsel was born in Beşiktepe Village, a nice village of Cyprus, as the son of a forester in 1952.

At the moment of his birth, Suat İ. Günsel had already started the great adventure of his life, feeling the persistence and fortitude of his people, Turkish Cypriots who were living with trials and tribulations in various dimensions.

He was one of the very first students of the English College opened in the Turkish Side of Nicosia, and graduated from this school in 1969. Following his graduation from the Department of Physics at the Middle East Technical University, he carried out his postgraduate studies and obtained a PhD on Educational Psychology.

At one of the stages of the long way he committed, “His impressive achievements resulting with creation of institutions and foundations at the international standards in education and health sectors that are renowned worldwide, and offering these achievements into the service of his own people and the peoples of world...” would be the term of justification to be honoured with a distinguished award at an international platform.

So indeed, it has been observed in his speeches on various occasions that he acts with the sense of a patriotic Turkish Cypriot who considers the education system as a “...waving stream on which achievements of our next generations are shaped on the basis of our current social and national values”.

Establishing his entire life philosophy and vision upon this idea, Dr. Suat Günsel, starting from the times he established a private school where students were prepared to university entrance exams and university life, has been called as “Suat Hoca” at the university environments and in all around of Cyprus. Today, his former students, who are now professors, directors, managers, ministers or members of national assemblies, state councils, state that they still identify him with this name.

The year is 1988 and the establishment of the Near East University was recorded in lines of history. Dr. Suat İ. Günsel was the Rector and the Founding Rector of the university.

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