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We are living on an island which is positioned in the middle of the Mediterranean. This island has always been a home for different civilizations throughout the history. Living on an island, where many civilizations intersected and left their traces, leads to witnessing and experiencing the evolution of the history of humanity. This is mainly the reason why Cyprus has always been a centre of attraction for many people.

Established on an island with such a fabulous history, the Near East University has aimed to fulfil the necessities of being the centre of attraction for both the people living in Northern Cyprus and for people of different cultures and languages living in countries surrounding the Mediterranean. No doubt, we provide priority to people living in Cyprus. However, when “health” is an issue, we feel obliged to provide priority to everybody regardless their origin or nation. In this respect, we aim to facilitate the highest quality of health services to everybody wishing to obtain service, without any sort of discrimination.

In addition to all those above, we could not overlook the difficulties the Turkish citizens of Northern Cyprus encountered while they were seeking health service in abroad. In fact, we are very aware of what they experienced through, especially when they were sent abroad for health issues in past. As a result, we have established a fully equipped hospital which is at the latest European standards and have included the latest technologies, competent doctors and health personnel. Through the NEU Hospital, we aim to minimize the difficulties people encounter and we are determined to be a place where all the needs of patients are answered.

Besides saving the Turkish Cypriots of Northern Cyprus from the trouble of travelling abroad for health issues, we have established a hospital with a concept that facilitates the health tourism. This concept allows us to be a centre which attracts patients throughout the international platform. The Hospital of Near East University Hospital of 36 service departments, equipment which is at the European standards, specialist doctors, and thus, it facilitates high-quality health services.

Being located on the Near East University Campus, based in Nicosia, the Hospital of Near East University comprises three main blocks - one block with 3 floors, the other block with 4 floors and another that has 9 floors. It covers 55,000 metre square of closed area. It has 22 VIP rooms and 209 single patient rooms, 8 operating rooms, 30 intensive care units, 17 newborn units. In addition, the hospital has laboratories which are able to carry out all sorts of tests, a Radiology Centre that contains imaging equipments of latest technology which are vital in diagnosis, a Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy Centre which is essential in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, 84 digitalized doctor examination rooms, and fully equipped policlinic services.

Besides having facilities at international standards, the Hospital of NEU is also accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI). Thus, the hospital provides every opportunity to answer all the needs of patients, at the highest possible standards.

The Hospital of Near East University also prioritizes patient security and patient rights.

People coming to the hospital from Cyprus, Turkey, England and from other countries of the world, are able to find solutions to their health problems as a result of the advanced medical infrastructure, qualified staff and advanced medical technology provided by the hospital.

NEU hospital facilitates a special service for patients coming from overseas countries by providing opportunity to receive services from the hospital’s “International Patients Coordination Centre”.

This centre provides services for foreign patients regarding transportation facilities to Northern Cyprus, accommodation, planning of tours and transfers within the country, and communication facilities with the hospital staff in their own language. Once foreign patients regain their heath, this centre also coordinates their journey to return home safely. Relatives accompanying patients in Northern Cyprus are also taken into consideration and the International Patients Coordination Centre also supplies their transport, accommodation and social needs.

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