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Prof. Dr. Aykut POLATOĞLU

Born in Malatya January 2, 1942. His father was a retired Internal Revenue Director and mother was a housewife. He completed primary education at Balıkesir and is a graduate of Balıkesir Highschool. Completed his undergraduate studies at Ankara University, Political Science Faculty holding a scholarship from the Ministry of Interior. After graduation he served as a deputy governor trainee at Balıkesir province between the dates November 1964-February 1965.

He went to the USA for undertaking graduate studies, holding a scholarship from the Ministry of National Education in 1965. He received masters degree from New York University Graduate School of Public Administration in 1969 and received his PhD. From New York University Graduate School of Arts and Science in the year 1973.

He served at the Ministry of National Education between the dates August 1973-February 1974. He worked as an instructor at Public Administration Institute for Turkey and the Middle East between the dates March 1974-February 1979. Conducted studies in the field of administrative development in Tokyo, for a duration of 3 months, holding a scholarship from Japan International Cooperation Agency in the year 1978.

He worked as a faculty member at Middle East Technical University, Dept of Political Science and Public Administration between the dates March 1979-June 2003. In addition to teaching activities, he also served at several administrative positions such as Chairman of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration and member of the Administrative Board of Graduate School of Social Sciences. He organized the conference on “Privatization in the World and Turkey” which took place at METU, Ankara at November 14-16, 1990. He was the Director of MED-CAMPUS “ Studies in Local Government” project (A project supported by EU and continued between the years 1993 and 1995) , through which a new graduate program, namely Urban Policy Planning and Local Government”, was established within the Graduate School of Social Sciences. Within the context of the above project, he also organized an International Summer School titled “Public Administration, Local Government & Economic Rationality”. The summer school , with the participation of local administrators coming from five different countries, was conducted at “Villa Chigi Farnese” (İtalya-Siena) between the dates 18-22 September 1995.

He was employed by Yıldız Technical University, Dept. of Political Science and International Relations between the dates June 2003 and September 2006. Alongside to his teaching activities he also served as Chairman of the Dept. of Political Science and International Relations, member of the Administrative Board of Graduate School of Social Sciences, and as the Dean of Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

He became a member of Near East University at October 1, 2006 and since that date he is working as the Director of Graduate School of Social Sciences, Editor of the NEU Journal of Social Sciences, and as the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. NEU Journal of Social Sciences is a refereed journal covered by Econ Lit, Sociological Abstracts, EBSCOhost and ULAKBİM.

In addition to several articles published in refereed journals Aykut Polatoğlu has several books published under following tirles: Kamu Yönetimine Giriş (Introduction to Public Administration), Revised Fourth Edition, Ankara: TODAİE Yayınları, 1992.; Özelleştirme Tartışmaları (Debates on Privatization) ( Editör), İstanbul: Bağlam Yayıncılık, 1994.; Introduction to Public Administration: The Case of Turkey, Ankara: Middle East Technical University, 2000.; Kamu Yönetimi: Genel İlkeler ve Türkiye Uygulaması, (Public Administration: General Principles and Turkish Practice),Revised Second Edition,
Ankara: METU Press, 2003.; Türk Kamu Yönetimi: Güncel ve Eleştirel Bir Yaklaşım (Turkish Public Administration: A Contemporary and Critical Approach), Lefkoşa: Near East University Publications, 2009.

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