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Prof. Dr. Harun ÖZER

He was born in 1933, in Kars-Sarıkamış. He completed hisprimary school education at Sarikamis Gazi. After he graduated from the Sarıkamıs Secondary School, he completed his high school education in Erzurum Lycee from 1949 to 1953. By finishing State Academy of Fine Arts Department of Architecture, he has gained the right to be the Master Architect. He has worked as an architect at IMA Architecture Firm Offices KIRIMLI and Y.Mimar Affan. After establishing the Sinan Architecture Bureau, he had worked as free-lance architect.

Between the years 1962-1964 he has worked as an assistant in the Department of Architecture at Yıldız High Technical School. He had his military training at Ministry of National Defence General Staff; Army Engineering School. He had teaching experience as technical drawing teacher in technical group at the same school. In 1966, Stars High Technical School was appointed him as an assistant again. In between the years 1968-1969, he became was a member of the Board of Directors of Istanbul Branch of Chamber of Architects. Between the years 1970- 1971 he became a member of the Board of Directors Chamber of Architects of Turkey. In 1974, in accordance with İDMMA law No. 1189 dissertation work and completed his PhD work, which is equivalent qualification is competence Assistant.

In 1981, he gained the title of Associate Professor by fulfilling the conditions. Later on he got the title of Prof. in 1988. Since 1983 he worked at Y.T.Ü. Faculty of Architecture and Building Science conducting the major branches of the Department of Building, Architectural Design, Construction and Building Design courses. At Technology Institute, he taught the courses of Production Science and with a Bachelor of Construction and Organization course. At the same time he conducted doctoral.

In 1994-95, he contributed to education of NEU Architecture Faculty, as a visiting faculty member. Between the years 1995-2011 YDÜ has been working as Dean of the Faculty of Architecture.

Scientific Studies: "Turkey in the Social History of the Flow of Physical Needs of Higher Education in the designs of his youth, Reflection of Social Life on the Research and Suggestions", in our country Investigation and Teaching in Higher Education Student Accomodation Structure Generation for the reorganization proposal, the campus for our country to settle on the format of the Architectural Design attempt and the result, the organization of the production was The Importance of Design Process and Planning Techniques, Architectural Design Alternatives for Determining the criteria used to select the best for a study, structure and organization lecture notes, "South Antalya Tourism Project" in terms of realized Holiday Villages Impressions in Architectural Design ", Architectural Summary of Work In Process of Education in Applied Architectural Design of a structure and organization, summed up the Investment Business Programming A model for the publications.

Implementation of the project has many domestic and overseas. Projects designed by taking first in the project implementation had the opportunity to work in Istanbul Ataturk student dormitory, the National Library in Ankara, Erzurum Ataturk University Medical Faculty Hospital, Karadeniz Technical University Faculty of Medicine and Research Hospital projects. In addition to these projects of national press and overseas tourists, taking in many applications did. Europe Hotel in Baku, Azerbaijan-Side, Club Aldiana Resort, Paradays Apart Hotel, Resort Zigana with practical tasks such as the complex of buildings had opportunities to transfer knowledge and experience with educational institutions.

Prof. Ozer Harun has 2 children.

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