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Department of Food Engineering

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Teaching period: 4 years

The Department of Food Engineering offers a multidisciplinary program which describes engineering methods for food production, distribution, packaging, marketing, purchasing and quality control.

With the decision of TRNC Higher Education Planning, Evaluation, Accreditation and Coordination Council (YÖDAK), the Department of Food Engineering has been founded within the Faculty of Engineering of the Near East University, in 2009. It is the one and only Department of Food Engineering which offers higher education training in this field within the TRNC.

The Department of Food Engineering of the Near East University has employed highly qualified academic staff, a team of academicians which has been supported by the academic staff in accordance with the collaboration framework established with the Department of Food Engineering of Ankara University. There are 10 Professors, 2 Associate Professors, 5 Assistant Professors, 1 instructor and 2 research assistants implementing graduate and postgraduate programs of the department. The language of instruction is English at the department.

Chronological order of the chairpersons of the Department of Food Engineering:
2009 - Prof. Dr. Feryal KARADENİZ

Aims and Objectives
The Department aims to train people who will specialize on the field of food engineering in conformity with the requirements of this very fast developing sector of our modern age. As food engineering shares many common features with other engineering branches, students of this department are trained on the basic principles of engineering in general and expected to be subject specialists on food engineering at the end of their training period.

The department also aims to give the best possible training facilities and create research opportunities in this field, lead students in carrying out advanced research facilities and come out with publications, be recognized as an internationally well known institution and represent Cyprus throughout the international area.

The mission of the department is nurturing successful engineers who are able to adapt to the technological innovations of the 21st century, productive, able to facilitate basic engineering principles into food engineering, have a scientific consciousness and hold ethic values in high regards. Graduates of the department will be equipped with the qualitative knowledge for; food production, distribution, marketing, quality control, design, improvement and utilization of tools and machines used throughout the food industry.

By offering comprehensive, high quality graduate and postgraduate programs at an international level, the vision of the department is to be a leading establishment which brings up individuals who successfully carry out research and contribute to areas of relevant science, implement qualitative scientific research, perform as reformists and models, are able to bring in solutions to productive and industrial institutions and use his/her accretion in the benefit of the society.

Employment Opportunities
Graduates of this department have the opportunity to be employed in the following sectors and institutions:

  • Departments of factories which facilitate quality control, production, distribution, marketing and purchasing
  • Various sectors and branches of food industry
  • Food production and food quality control departments of supermarkets
  • Various firms and companies facilitating food safety and quality
  • Restaurants, pastry shops and alike which employ a quality control staff
  • Companies dealing with food packing as packing control officers
  • Ministries of Agriculture and Ministries of Health
  • Schools, colleges, universities, and institutions offering food facilities
  • Educational institutions giving training on food engineering.

Departmental Facilities
Students are provided with opportunities through which they can gain both theoretical and practical insights about food engineering, and use all information systems of university to gain access to all sort of data that they need to improve their knowledge, experience, abilities and skills in this field. Students also have opportunities to get in touch with companies specializing on this field and enhance their training facilities.

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