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Department of Business Administration

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Message of the Chairperson

Dear Students,

The purpose of the Department of Business Administration is to offer an education program at internationally acclaimed standards for our students. The department aims to carry out modern education-oriented activities of institutions in a dynamic and competitive environment. Besides, the basic rules and principals of modern business administration in developing, changing and globalizing world are theoretically and practically offered to students. Our department interacts with other departments of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. Concordantly, the purpose of the Department of Business Administration is to train future managers and business administrators to successfully deal with information and communication technologies, become proficient in English language, have ability to cope with the problems, develop ability for analytic and fast thinking in solving problems, perform accurately on the decisions, have leadership qualifications, specialize in marketing, sales, human resources, finance and production, and also adopt developing and globalizing world. The curriculum of the department involves the courses of administration-organization, economics, finance, accounting, marketing, production and also information and communication technologies. Students take these courses throughout the first six semesters. Elective courses are put into practice in accordance with the interests and preferences of students. Students graduating from the four-year program of the Department of Business Administration have opportunity of employment in various institutions. Gaining necessary qualification throughout their education, the students are able to get a job at public utilities, private sector, banks and consulting firms, in sectors of finance, sales, management, human resources, production and in marketing sectors. Moreover, our graduates have a chance to work as a mid-level manager and senior manager at various institutions.

Dear Students, you are all welcome to the Near East Family

Assoc. Prof. Şerife Zihni Eyüpoğlu

The Department of Business Administration aims to equip its graduates with broad knowledge and understanding of all the business administration disciplines and to give them an insight to explore and investigate the key issues confronting the business practitioner in the present day and in the future.

The department's program is based on a modular structure including both compulsory and elective courses. The elective courses reflect the needs of the current businesses and may vary from year to year.

Graduates should acquire the conceptual and analytical tools that will enable them to tackle business problems and issues with greater confidence, and develop an appreciation of the wider organizational context. This will enable them to advance their career prospects in many areas of business.

Philosophy And Objectives
The mission of Business Administration is to be the premier teaching institution in this field, helping our students to acquire the knowledge, skills and values necessary for participation and leadership in the evolving global marketplace of business. It provides an environment of excellence in teaching and learning to earn the highest esteem in the relevant field. The faculty pursues a balance of theoretical knowledge and practical experience through instructional excellence, research and intellectual inquiry and a commitment to professional and community service.

As the basic principle of its Mission, the Department of Business Administration sets itself the following key objectives:

  • Strive to be the Business School that considers the critically important changes and challenges occurring in the business world and responds effectively by providing world-class training for preparing the students to contribute to the competitiveness and long-term success of their organizations.
  • Continuously monitor and analyze relevant business, economic, political and other developments, domestically and overseas, and to promote that understanding. Utilize not only our University’s considerably extensive resources, but also enthusiastic personnel and contemporary resources elsewhere in academics, business, government and labor.
  • Become the leading force of practitioners for continuous world-class quality and productivity, enhance improvement through outstanding offerings and expert lecturers; ensure resource-effective processes throughout the School; and promote innovative pedagogical improvements in the classroom utilizing the most state-of-art resources available.
  • Provide insightful training in international business by incorporating challenges from various countries and developing programs on relevant topics as a leading center of Management of Technology and address to the needs for lifelong learning process.
  • Highlight ethics as an essential characteristic of organizations that are successful in business administration throughout the long-term process, and ensure commitment to sustain high standards and ethical values.
  • Continuously evolve a Mission Statement for our School which optimally guides our commitments to our various customer groups, students, parents, employers, benefactors, alumni and the community.


    All students must successfully complete the requirements of the University Core Curriculum.
    Secondly, all candidates studying for the Bachelor’s degree must complete the essential work in courses that provide them with;

  • a background of the concepts, processes, and institutional details in the production and marketing of goods and/or services, and the financing of the business enterprises or other forms of organization;
  • a background of the economic and legal environment as it pertains to profit and/or non-profit organizations along with ethical considerations and, social and political influences as they affect such organizations;
  • a basic understanding of the concepts and applications of accounting, quantitative methods, and of informative systems;
  • a study of organizational theory, behavior, and interpersonal communications;
  • a study of administrative processes under conditions of uncertainty including integrated analysis and policy determination at the overall management level.
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