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Department of Computer Education and Educational Technologies

Ataturk Faculty of Education

The message of the Head of the Department of Computer Education and Educational Technologies

Dear Students,

The importance of the Department of Computer Education and Educational Technologies is increasing day by day at the information society with the development of the continuously changing and improving information and technology. The aim of the Department of Computer Education and Educational Technologies is to raise experts who are able to make distance education and follow the changes and developments, especially in the field of information and communication technologies. Also another purpose is to raise Computer and Education Technology Teachers who are able to plan, design and implement the information of the Computer and Education Technologies in the education service. In addition to this, another purpose is to raise teachers who will have the opportunity to give education in the secondary schools of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and primary and secondary schools of the Republic of Turkey. Students particularly take courses such as general knowledge, fundamental sciences, computer sciences, education technologies and teaching professional information. Besides these, they learn the information and talent relating with the team work concept by improving collaborative studies. Moreover the Department of Computer Education and Educational Technologies which is adopting innovative approaches raise students who are able to think critically, solve problems, and be creative and modern individuals.

Welcome to our department

With best regards,

Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Uzunboylu
Head of the Department

The Department of Computer Education and Educational Technologies of Ataturk Faculty of Education of the Near East University began lecturing activity with the ‘6/2003’ numbered decision of Higher Education Planning, Evaluation, Accreditation and Coordination Council of the Ministry of the National Education and Culture of the TRNC in the academic year of 2003.

Students from the Republic of the Turkey also started to take education at the Department of Computer Education and Educational Technologies accordance with the decision of the Board of Higher Education through University Placement Exam in the year of 2006.

The Department of Computer Education and Educational Technologies;

Strong sides of the Department

*High rate of employment of graduates in both teaching and communication sectors
*Highly motivated student profile
*A young and dynamic academic staff
*The dedication of academic staff to science, department and university
*The language of the education is Turkish
*An effective English education is provided
*The communication between the academic staff and student is high
*Application of student-centered and project-based training
*The mission of raising manpower for the 21th century.
*Department has master and PhD programs

The mission of the Department of Computer Education and Educational Technologies for raising educational technology experts and teachers who are expected:

*To have sense of social responsibility
*To internalize and improve the values of democracy, and to be faithful to the ethical norms
*To examine, make research, produce and solve problems
*To create new techniques related with the profession and implement
*To be modern and dynamic persons that can be beneficial to the environment in each condition

Regarding the education technologies, the departmental outcomes are expected to be;

*Results of team work studies,
*Productive work having high reliability and validity norms
*Qualified in terms of science
*Supportive to universal science and developments of the country, and to produce work that is regarded by national and international journals and publication authorities.

The subjects related with the educational sciences that the society needs:

*To exchange ideas on educational subjects with public utilities particularly with the Ministry of National Education, non-governmental organizations, and private institutions. Also to have the responsibility of figuring out the policy of those institutions regarding with the education.
*To be a favorite department on the subject of serving education, therefore to examine the problems and the needs of the education.
*To organize various scientific events in order to inform the staff who are working in education institutions.

Job Opportunities

Those who graduate from this department can be employed as;

*computer teachers at elementary and secondary schools,
*computer and education technologies specialists at schools,
*as educational program development specialists and computer technicians at computer companies,
*educational consultants at the Ministry of Education, private schools, and at the universities,
*Educational technologists in developing educational programs and material development for state and private sectors, and can also be employed in educational applications, educational material evaluation process, and educational designs based on internet.
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