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Department of Mechanical Engineering

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Chairman’s Welcome message

Dear recent and prospective students, parents, colleagues and staff, welcome to Mechanical Engineering website.

Engineering is the application of scientific, economic, social, and practical knowledge in order to design, build, and maintain structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes. It is an extremely broad subject. Even though the departments like Materials, Manufacturing, Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering became specialized areas of basic mechanical engineering and have their own departments, Mechanical Engineering is still one of the widest engineering disciplines. For this reason, as it is with any other engineering discipline, mechanical engineers must have improved self-confidence and ability to make decisions. They should have scientific systematic approach in solving engineering problems, sound engineering base, life-long learning habits, research abilities and team working. Our program is based on educating students according to the above facts and most importantly to nurture the idea of “hands-on” engineering.

Mechanical Engineering Department is very well equipped to answer any queries relating to any mechanical engineering requirement. All of our academic teaching staff are members of recognized engineering institutions and have long term industrial experience to provide the most to our students. With this ability as a department, we are not only providing the theoretical knowledge that our students need but we are combining that knowledge with real time experiences.

If you like what you read above and you are ready to take on new challenges with us and further more if you like to be among us you are welcomed and will be more than happy to work together to shape your feature life.

Please, enjoy our website to get detailed information and should you need further information do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali Evcil
Chairman of Department of Mechanical Engineering

Program Objectives

As individuals and members of a competitive team, the graduates of the Department of Mechanical Engineering will have:

  • A solid mathematical and scientific background necessary to comprehend the fundamentals of engineering.
  • A strong foundation in engineering areas relevant to current industry needs to allow them to successfully compete for demanding and high quality jobs.
  • An ability to apply design procedures as required by the discipline which will allow them to produce resourceful and innovative engineering solutions.
  • An ability to communicate effectively and to act with social, ethical, and professional responsibility to fulfil their commitment inside and outside the engineering profession.
  • An ability to use computers as a tool for analysis, design, simulation, and control.
  • Strong laboratory skills that will allow them to design and conduct experiments with systems and instruments of various complexity in the field.
  • An understanding of a life-long learning and critical thinking required for entrepreneurship, competitiveness, leadership, and adaptation to new challenges.
  • An understanding of social, business, industrial, and human aspects as a complement to their engineering background.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering was founded by Prof. Dr. Kaşif Onaran, in 1996. By the year 2004 the number of students in the department reached to 200 students and remained around this number since then. Physics, Chemistry and PC Laboratories were present at the year of foundation in the Engineering Faculty. Further more beside a fully equipped Machine Shop, Material Testing and Stress Analysis, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics Laboratories, and also Solar Energy and Biofuels Reaserch Laboratories were established in time where students find extensive training and research facilities. Since 2008 the Department of Mechanical Engineering has been continuing its education in the new Engineering Faculty building which is about 7700 m2 and fully air-conditioned for the comforts of the students as well as academic and administrative staff.

Chronological order of the chairpersons of the Department of Mechanical Engineering:

1996-2003 Prof. Dr. Kaşif ONARAN
2003- Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali EVCİL

Aims and Goals
The aim of the mechanical engineering department is to prepare engineering candidates for various branches of industry with an improved self-confidence and individual initiative. Students are educated to have scientific systematic approach in solving engineering problems, sound engineering base, life-long learning habits and research abilities.

Its Strengths
Mechanical Engineering Department was founded in 1996. The aim of the mechanical engineering department is to prepare engineering candidates for various branches of industry with an improved self-confidence and individual initiative. Students are educated by young, dynamic, proactive, academic personnel with industrial experience to have scientific systematic approach in solving engineering problems, sound engineering base, life-long learning habits and research abilities.

To support and lead the nation’s requirements and technological developments, to be able to conduct international projects and to have an authority in research areas. To perform research studies and to educate engineers equipped with technical “know-how”, creative thinking and being able to try and research new technologies to achieve required goal.

The vision of the department is to have respect and authority in engineering activities and to gain acceptance through research projects, support to the nation and delivering high quality engineers.

Information on Education
Educational Programs (graduate, postgraduate studies)
Undergraduate program of Mechanical Engineering
Master of Science program of Mechanical Engineering
PhD program of Mechanical Engineering

Language of Instruction
The language of all instructional programs is English.

English Preparatory Program
Students registering to the undergraduate program of the department are required to have a certificate in English proficiency or must qualify from English proficiency examination held by the university. Otherwise they have to follow a one-year English preparatory program.

Job Opportunities
Graduates of the Department of Mechanical Engineering can find employment in industry, in the departments including production, maintenance, quality control, design and management, in companies giving engineering services and mechanical consultancy, in power plants, in the field of accessing sources of energy such as petroleum, gas, sunlight and wind, in metal production plants and foundries and many others.

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