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Department of Computer Engineering

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Chairman’s Welcome message

The aims of the Department of Computer Engineering are; bringing up experienced and knowledgeable individuals equipped with theoretical and practical information related to the discipline, and at the same time, bring up competent individuals who are able to contribute to the developments and research studies in the field, and be managers and instructors to continue to bring up qualified people who can effectively serve in this field.

The department aims to raise specialists and instructors for the field of computer engineering discipline and by this way, help to meet the demands in relevant industries, job centres and higher education institutions. In addition to this, carry out research, offer elective computer courses to students of other departments and provide help for faculty members in their research studies that require the utilization of computers. Students of the department acquire many programming languages and in the coming years, they become specialists about equipments, hardware and/or software. The structure of the courses provided by the department includes subjects and courses that are currently provided by the universities in Europe and in the USA.

In order to gain the right to graduate from the department, students are required to do a 60 day apprenticeship.
Students who register to the department have the following opportunities:

  • Comprehensive courses in computer applications
  • Courses relevant to scientific research in Europe and America
  • Sturdy information and experience on theory and practice
  • Internet and e-mail access for students and the staff
  • Sufficient numbers of fast and latest models of PCs for each student.
  • Fully equipped 7 laboratories to allow students enhanced practical experience
  • Utilizing network servers including Linux, Novel and Windows

The Department of Computer Engineering targets to provide latest technical equipment and software and thus, facilitate permanent practical experience towards challenges in the field of computing. In addition to this, the Department of Computer Engineering is doing everything possible to carry out scientific research, publish international articles in the relevant field, and the department is providing full support to its academic staff in their studies. The Department of Computer Engineering is providing a four-year based computer engineering program leading to a BSc and subsequently a two year postgraduate program leading to the degree of MSc. The Near East University aims to employ highly qualified academic staff for its faculties and, in this respect, the academic staff of the university have obtained their degrees and qualifications from well-known academic institutions in various countries.

Prof. Dr. Rahib H. ABİYEV
Chairman - Department of Computer Engineering

Chronological order of the chairpersons of the Department of Computer Engineering:

1992-1998 Prof. Dr. Doğan İBRAHİM
1998 Prof. Dr. Samira TAWFİK
1998-2001 Prof. Dr. Adnan KHASHMAN
2001-2009 Prof. Dr. Doğan İBRAHİM
2009-2014 Prof. Dr. Rahib ABİYEV
2014-2015 Prof. Dr. Adel AMİRJANOV
2015- Prof. Dr. Rahib H. ABİYEV

Besides bringing up scientific staff comprising ability to contribute to scientific developments, to field specific education and to the development of the country, the mission of the Department of Engineering is also to bring up competent staff equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of computer engineering.

Our vision is to be known as a department open to innovations and to be one which provides extensive academic opportunities leading high quality education, which facilitates qualified scientific research, which is preferred by students, which comes out with significant publications, and which represents Cyprus throughout an international platform.

Our Aims

  • To increase the quality of education provided and to increase the ability to carry out research projects,
  • To increase the number of student projects related to computer software and hardware,
  • To increase the number of contribution to conferences by facilitating research by postgraduate studies,
  • By increasing scientific research, manipulate and qualify articles of academic staff in citation indexed journals.

Our Goals

  • Providing the students with efficient course rooms, laboratories and technological equipment,
  • Providing a research laboratory to facilitate the research activities of students,
  • Providing sufficient financial support for the academic staff to carry out scientific research,
  • Increase collaborative projects of student and relative industry.

Job Opportunities
Graduates of the Department of Computer Engineering have the opportunity to be employed as system engineers, computer engineers and specialists in this field, system programmers, design engineers, programmers, information technology specialists, communication network engineers, and in a variety of private and public establishments.

Opportunities provided by the Department
Being prepared parallel to the ones in Europe and USA universities, the program applied within the department aims to provide contemporary education on engineering. Students are required to complete 60 working-day summer training to fully qualify for a graduation. At the Department of Computer Engineering there are opportunities to use; Logical circuits, micro processors and a laboratory consisting of 65 PC s, multi-network server (Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Windows NT server, Linux server and Novel server), Pentium IV based PC laboratories. Students are provided the opportunity to access and utilize internet and e-mails.

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